Dating hazel atlas bottles

I'm trying to find a chart to date my kerr & hazel atlas jars any ideas hazel-atlas glass company notes on dating a hazel-atlas bottle or jar . The hazel atlas glass corporation was an important part of the local economy as it employed people for both the closure operation and the corporate headquarters but the influence of this major company extended well beyond the city limits, having manufacturing plants in other parts of west virginia plus the states of pennsylvania, indiana . How to date atlas jars the hazel-atlas company was in business from 1902 to 1964 the official magazine of the federation of historical bottle collectors at . The patent date often found on many jars doesn’t refer to the age of the jar at all, it just refers to when the style of closure (zinc cap/wire bail, etc) was developed and registered it’s sort of weird that a 22 year old who has never canned knows this, but i work at the company which was spun-off when ball exited the home-canning market (who now makes amd markets the jars), jarden home brands.

Vintage and collectible hazel atlas glassware by 1902, when its name was changed to hazel-atlas, the company was a leader in fruit jars, oil bottles, glass lamp . Hazel atlas glass collectors newsletter december 2014 | hazel atlas glass website - depression glass join the hazel atlas glass collectors newsletter, monthly news in your email for depression glass, hazel atlas collectibles and antique glass. Dating guide: condition guide: purchasing bottles: digging for bottles: diving for bottles: bottle articles: trademarks hazel - atlas glass corporation : fruit jars seal above are some jars in not so common of below is an atlas strong shoulder mason fruit jar with a lined zinc along with a 1 pint yellow olive.

Dating old canning jars and hazel atlas all made jelly jars in the us in their time it would be difficult to date a specific jar beyond that range without . Hazel-atlas glass: identification & value guide, second edition [gene florence, cathy florence] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the hazel-atlas company was established in washington, pennsylvania, in 1902 as a result of the merger of the hazel glass company and the neighboring atlas glass and metal company. By 1902 the hazel glass company and the atlas glass company joined together with the republic glass company and the wheeling metal company and formed the hazel - atlas glass corporation the company had manufacturing plant in parts west virginia, pennsylvania, indiana, illinois, michigan, ohio, oklahoma, alabama and california.

Hazel-atlas glass company were in business from the late 1800s until 1964 dating old ball canning jars this book is probably the best selling jar and bottle . Hazel atlas glass : mark this simple mark was the trademark used on the majority of hazel atlas glass although not every piece produced by hazel atlas bore the mark, this was the only mark used on their glassware except on a few rare pieces with the name platonite. 30 winter 2004 bottles and extras date possible on his lids and jars some the hazel-atlas co, makers of e-z seal and atlas strong. Hazel glass company aka hazel atlas corporation was formed in 1885 by two brothers, charles n brady and ch tallman it was created to fill a need in the jar industry hazel glass first made the glass inserts that fit inside the zinc lid closures for bottles. Hazel-atlas glass company (1902-1964) hazel glass company, washington, pa (began 1887) and atlas glass company, also of washington, pa (began 1896) merged to form the hazel-atlas glass company, wheeling, wv, in 1902.

Dating hazel atlas bottles

Marks and labels on glass hazel atlas 'atlas' trademark pre-1902: hazel atlas trademark h over a: hazel atlas trademark h over a with a dot : hazel atlas. Atlas glass dating atlas jars hazel atlas coffee table company portland or,hazel atlas glass company marks water bottle with flip lid oz 2 pack orlando glassdoor . A primer on fruit jars these two jars date from the 1920s the hazel-atlas company specialized in producing fruit jars the midwest fruit jar and bottle club .

  • There is a hazel atlas pricing guide that you can get on amazoncom for pretty cheap this might be of assistance likewise, a book entitled bottle makers and their marks by julian harrison .
  • Hazel atlas the large h over the small a mark is one of the most common mis-identifications the emblem was used by the hazel atlas glass company and not anchor hocking.

Page 1 of 2 - the first bottle for skrip - posted in pen history: the first bottle for skripthis is an interesting topic due to the fact that the first bottle of skrip is not the one most people would have told you it was. In 1915, hazel-atlas developed the bead-seal mason jarin the 1920s andnotes on dating a hazel-atlas bottle or jaralbert malvoisin, alarmed and impatient at the . By 1902, when its name was changed to hazel-atlas, the company was a leader in fruit jars, oil bottles, glass lamp bases, and commercial glass containers for everything from vasoline and shoe polish to ketchup, jam, and pickles by the 1920s, there was hardly a.

Dating hazel atlas bottles
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